Shawn Holdt is a licensed Master Plumber in the State of Hawaii with 20 + years of experience in both the repair and construction aspects of plumbing. Shawn started his apprenticeship in the Metro Detroit area where he grew up. This is where he worked on sharpening his skills in mostly but not limited to residential and commercial repair. Shortly after receiving his Michigan Journeyman Plumber license he decided to leave Detroit and venture out to Los Angeles California. This is where he landed a job with a larger commercial plumbing company as a Journeyman level installer and was quickly moved into a Foreman position once his knowledge and skills were fully realized. Here, Shawn was responsible for the supervision of plumbing installation in the construction of high rise buildings and other large commercial projects in and around the city of Los Angles. During the almost 5 years he was there, Shawn had gotten engaged and eventually married to a local girl from Oahu that had transplanted to Los Angeles after High School. So, after starting their Ohana in California, and having two beautiful children, Shawn and his wife decided to move everyone back to her home of Hawaii. Now because of this, Shawn is able to bring the residents of Oahu a superior plumbing service at a fair price thru his vision that is Prestige Plumbing LLC.