Commercial Plumbing Services

Prestige Plumbing is pleased to serve the plumbing needs of commercial and business clients throughout the island of Oahu. We understand how important it is that your plumbing is operational to not only your employees’ but also your customers’. This is not only for their comfort, but also their safety. As a Prestige Plumbing commercial client, you can count on an immediate response and an attention to detail that you will immediately recognize. Regularly scheduled maintenance visits, including certified backflow testing and prevention, ensure that your building’s plumbing functions at peak performance. We service all types of commercial properties including stores, restaurants and everything in between.

Learn more about the variety of commercial plumbing services that we provide and discover the difference that Prestige Plumbing can make for you by providing a level of quality and attention you won’t experience from those other guys.

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Commercial Rates

$85/Per Visit

Service Call Fee/Travel Charge

$185/Per Hour

Per Plumber + Materials + tax (1 hr. minimum)

$90/Per Hour

Per Helper (If Needed) (1 hr. minimum)

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Sewer video camera inspection

Let our advanced plumbing technology save you thousands of dollars by easily locating your sewer. The camera allows us to visually diagnose backup issues you may be experiencing with your sewer and gives us the ability to locate a tie in point to your existing line when adding a fixture or group of fixtures. Either way, we can tackle any camera needs you may have.

Electric sewer and drain cleaning

Whether it is routine sewer maintenance or an emergency sewer blockage, Prestige Plumbing has the experience and equipment to quickly snake any size drain. This is probably the most unnerving thing plumbing wise. It’s pretty disgusting when you have sewage backing up into your home so call us immediately for availability in scheduling to see if we can fit you in.

Water heaters

We install and service all types of hot water heating systems. This includes gas, electric, solar, and energy-saving tankless hot water heaters. Don’t forget to have your water heater maintained and serviced regularly to extend its life.

Gas line repair and installation

We know that your grill, your deep fryer and your ovens are crucial to your operation when you operate a commercial kitchen. Please contact us for any of your fuel gas piping needs as we can offer sizing and design assistance in addition to any installation, addition or repair.

Main water and sewer service

We install and maintain water and sewer connections, including new hookups to a water main or city sewer system and complete re-piping of both

Garbage disposals

We can install, repair or replace any commercial garbage disposal system, including Waste King and more.

Certified Backflow Testing and Prevention

Your backflow device is very important to the safety and wellbeing of the people using potable water in your building. We offer both installation and testing services for backflow devices. Meet your municipal and county requirements by getting your backflow device tested regularly to ensure that it is doing its job correctly. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Sump pumps/Sewage ejection pumps

Pumps are used in all sorts of applications and most of the time, VERY important. A pump failure can be a messy affair but can be quickly detected by simply adding a high-water alarm system to your existing pump. We offer installation and service on a variety of dewatering and sewage ejection pumps as well as new system installations. Even if you want to add a fixture that will be located below the existing sewer, taking away the ability to drain it by gravity, with a sewage ejection pump system we take gravity right out of the equation. If your existing pump is not operating correctly, please call us right away so we can diagnose and complete the much-needed service to get you up and running again quickly.

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Water Softening and Filtration

Prestige Plumbing LLC works with our good friends over at AAA Bestwater for most of your whole home water softening and filtration needs.  As their sole trusted installers, whether purchased from them or on your own, we have the experience to install any water filtration or softening equipment on the market.  The 3 most popular systems are the GAC Filter, Water Softener, and Reverse Osmosis Systems. These can be purchased separately or as a package.  The most powerful solutions combine all 3 systems to cover all your water treatment needs.  We also install “big blue” filter systems which can either be purchased thru us, or if you’d prefer to buy one yourself, we can install them for you as well.  Please give us a call for more information or contact the folks at AAA Bestwater for a free estimate.

Leak Prevention and Detection

A smart water valve detects and stops leaks. The physical device is installed in-line on the main water supply line which allows the smart water valve to monitor all water going into your home.

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