Smart Water Valves

Smart Water Valve Leak Prevention and Detection

A smart water valve detects and stops leaks. From your toilet, shower or faucet, to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls where you cannot see them, you can monitor all of them so there’s no surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation.  The physical device is installed on the main water supply line to the home, and because it’s installed in-line, this allows the smart water valve to monitor all water going into your home. The smart water valve has three sensors that actively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. These sensors, in combination with the smart water valve’s algorithms, are what enable it to detect and protect your home from problems like leaks, burst pipes and more.  In addition, every night, this device will run a health test on your system.  This is done to test for leaks anywhere in your home. Because this smart water valve can detect leaks as small as a drop per minute, you’d likely never know these existed until you had a problem such as water damage, mold behind walls, or even an unexplained rising water bill.  Along with the physical device, your smartphone is command central.  From here you can get alerts and turn your water on or off from anywhere in the world (assuming you’re connected). You can also view your home’s water consumption, or even contact your plumber to have them come fix a problem if one is present. Don’t have your phone with you? Don’t worry, this technology is even smart enough to automatically shut the water off for you if something catastrophic is happening.

Here at Prestige Plumbing LLC, we install Flow by Moen.  You can find out more information on this here @  Depending on the location of your homes water supply, extra work may be required to install such a device such as a pressure reducing valve, rerouting water piping and installing a 110 electrical supply to power the device if one is not present in the install location.  As a bonus, in most cases, home insurance will give you a discount for installing such a device.  If you’d like some peace of mind and this is something you are interested in, please contact us for a free estimate.